Virtual Map Emerging

Its been over two weeks since we started building virtual rooms. Jonathon is building a map. Lots of new rooms are popping up also, and we need to have an open house event one night. This reminds me of the early stages of blogging, except it going much faster. Are you also starting a room? Let us know. Lets hook them up. And for goodness sake, somebody please find some OTHER virtual spaces/ Graphical MUDs for us to inhabit. Coming on Tuesday?


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  • I’ve enjoyed the rooms and learned a lot from conversations I’ve had. Since I don’t blog, I don’t have that link to others. I’d like to go to Suddenly Seminary, but it’s in the middle of my day where I’m at :(. My daughter and I have 3 rooms. My room is called peach habitat and I go by Ocotillo.

  • ever thought of creating one room i which you can place all the transporters? place a postitnote above or next to each teleporter to assist with simple transport…

  • You can add my room/rooms to the list. Currently, I have one decorated room, Mirth, but i’m developing a few others.

  • So I’ve got my habbo now and a blank room so far. As summer holidays come up I’ll be able to deck it out a bit better and leave an address when I do. I’d love to get to suddenly seminary but have non-virtual small group at that time – are there other times you’re inhabiting the rooms?

  • I’d love to add in “The Cloister” to the cluster. I like the idea about a central teleporter room. Perhaps “A Hall” (Mr. Green with the knife arg!). I was also thinking that post-it notes should also be utilized for transporter labeling.

  • How amazing that you guys have created something that has been on my heart for while, so much so that I even launched an MSN group ChurchPlantingUK and am online for an hour a week about Jesus and His church!
    In Jesus

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