St Louis, Missouri. Today.

I think God wants to do something in St Louis, MI this weekend. He has put the city on my mind and heart all week long.
– which is why i tuned into Joy FM, St Louis
– which is how i found out Dave Crowder Band was there
– this morning i got another email from someone in St Louis.
aastlI don’t know much about the city. I was there speaking at a conference a few years ago called Search Party 2002, where Len Sweet and I did a 45 minute panel discussion together. I wrote some prophetic poetry beside the Mississippi that i will have to look up.
Anyway, this is a “Blog 4 God” in the truest sense – He wants you to notice St Louis this weekend. Why? To pray? Maybe you should ask Him.


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  • St Louis could definitely use your prayers. I’m living in Scotland, originally from Kansas City, MO,(by the way, “MI” is Michigan…not to be picky) and my mom lives in St Louis. Definitely a place that needs prayer. I’ll be there to visit in 2 weeks – a good time to recharge my prayer life for STL.

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