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LOVE @tallskinnykiwi's profile ``Changing the world on a budget by telling stories, throwing parties, making friends and giving gifts.`` Brilliant!

rick warren
Rick Warren Pastor / Author of ``Purpose Driven Life``

Andrew Jones runs one of the most read blogs in cyberspace covering matters of the emerging church and beyond.

stephen shields
Stephen Shields Senior Consultant, Gallup

Andrew Jones just posted an email conversation we had recently . . . if you aren't aware of his website and many creative involvements, I'd recommend you bookmark his site and check back often.

Brian McLaren Author/Activist/Speaker

Andrew Jones is THE global hub of emerging missional church activity. His prolific writing and communication takes the pulse of the global scene and often sets the pace.

Steve Knight Knightopia

Your blog has accounted for a large percentage of the 'link through' traffic that we've received on the various Lausanne sites! Thanks Andrew!.. you're the BEST blogger in the world!

Dr Dion Forster Professor, Stellenbosch University, Lausanne Movement

Jones writes under the rubric of Tall Skinny Kiwi and anyone having serious interest in Emergence and its evolution since 1990 would be wise to avail himself or herself of Jones's postings.

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