My ‘BLOGGING FOR ACTIVISTS’ workshop at PassionFest 2011

We are about to head south to be a part of New Zealand's PassionFest which runs from Feb 11 to 13 in Waikanae. I actually had never heard of it which is strange because it appears to be NZ's most exciting Christian Festival based around art, justice, food and fun – which makes it very similar to other Christian Festivals that we frequent – SLOT in Poland, Freakstock in Germany, Greenbelt in UK and Cornerstone in USA. BTW – I think I am teaching 3x at Cornerstone.

Last week I was sent an invitation to do something at PassionFest – too late to get on the official program which is already printed  – but I said I would come down anyway because it sounded fun and it sounded like my favourite kind of people.

My friend and favourite Anabaptist Stuart Murray Williams is one of the speakers and I always enjoy what he has to say.

So, sometime during the Festival, at a time and location to be announced during the Festival, I will teach a workshop entitled "Blogging For Activists" which will cover the effective use of social media, in particular blogging, for impact and change. I will divulge my SEO secrets and show you how to position your posts to be found on the search engines, the netiquette of conversing online and with commentors, how to improve your online presence and how to weave your various social media streams into something integral. If thats helpful, come along. If not, lets hook up anyway.


Best Stuart Murray quote ever:

"Many are post-charismatic. . . after 20 years, they would rather shoot themselves than sing another chorus."
Stuart Murray-Williams talking with us in Paris, 2003.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Nate Custer says:

    This I would really like to see as a podcast …

  • Ben says:

    I heard you at PassionFest and am unconvinced we can ever create genuine community online. For that there needs to be real human interaction – looking someone in the eye, a shared meal, face to face conversation. You did have some interesting ideas, though. Jolyn White’s reflections on activism and lessons learned from the Canterbury Water Protest were excellent, as were the Mennonite insights on conflict. Hope you enjoyed your first PassionFest.

  • faithLOVE says:

    Awesome post! Check out a great Christian app on youtube…

  • Andrew says:

    Ben, did you REALLY hear me at PassionFest? Who’s Jolyn White?

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  • Erin Deale says:

    That workshop will be a big help to bloggers, as it will help them learn how to draw in increased traffic using SEO while empowering them through active participation in an advocacy. Do you have another scheduled workshop for this year?

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