Amazon Kindle Single Release

Amazon have finally opened their Kindle Singles store. I have been talking about this for some time at conferences and this is the sweet spot I have mentioned. Books are too long and too expensive to switch over to digital format without any changes. The size of book for a mobile platform like an i-Pad or Kindle is much better handled in the 10,000 to 50,000 word range – which is the size neglected by paper book publishers for a long time. Thanks to Amazon for being honest enough to admit it and open a new possibility in publishing that might change the shape of books for moblie platforms.

Did you know that the Gospel of Matthew has about 24,000 words? Luke has 26,000 words. Mark has less. All the gospels are the perfect size of an Amazon Kindle.

Maybe your next book should be also,

I have been talking to some friends in USA about creating a stream of short books based on blogged content that will be the right size for the Kindle Single format. The strategy would take our own blogs as an important piece in the overall strategy. I will let you know more as we progess but if you are interested in what might be the next step for blogging, leave a comment below and I will make sure you are included.



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