Our Cyber-Party

Thats me on the bottom right, partying in the Boaz lounge. And it was a lot of fun. Great to see my friends from all over the world and for them to meet each other. Lots of bloggers turned up. Unfortunately, i neglected the actual party going on in my house and it was a little rude of me to have my face in the computer screen when i had such great guests (including Alan Cross from USA and my flesh-n-blood church homies like P-Tan and Mags).
That was the downside. It wasn’t as seemless as i had hoped. The computer sucks me into it. I think a web cam system would have worked better to extend our pizza party, rather than trying to simulate it virtually in real time.

Well . . . My wife is a little upset at my last few days of geekdom. They were very creative and productive days (3 rooms, 2 parties, including a 24-7 prayer room online that people are now using) but i need to renounce the computer for the weekend as my penance for anti-social behavior at home. This Geek must repent.
Soooo . . . i will NOT be blogging this weekend, will NOT be reading your comments, NOT be making an appearance in my cyberspaces.
Hope you can make it Tuesday night for Suddenly Seminary. I will announce the time on Monday.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • gordon says:

    so that’s where the pizza went!!!

  • Susan says:

    You look so young and handsome in cyberspace.
    You asked what subjects we’d like discussed in Suddenly Seminary, well several thoughts came to mind. First, a great explaination of the good news and why it’s revelant to this generation. Second,a meaty discipliship plan. Last a giftness and spiritual abilities section with a link where people can connect and serve. That’s what came to my mind. I hope it’s helpful. Good luck Andrew.

  • duncan says:

    I did think we were seeing quite a lot of you (albeit sometimes possessed by tinyskinnykiwis…)
    Pass on our thanks to your wife for hosting a great party for us all last night!

  • Clint says:

    Andrew, you rule, that’s incredibly cool.

  • Andrew says:

    i saw your room-= very good. well done. there will be a lot of us soon. it feels like the early days of blogging, but it is happening a lot faster.
    i think you are right – simple stuff!
    i know you have been teaching the wordless book to kids. Why not start a room with 5 colors and tell the story thru props inside it. I am sure CEF wouldnt mind?

  • jonnyjpg says:

    “hey mum! i’m on the web!”

    … the weird thing is that does actually look like me

  • jonnyjpg says:

    “hey mum! i’m on the web!”

    … the weird thing is that does actually look like me

  • brad - futuristguy says:

    weird … my “avatar” character looks a lot like me, too, jonnyjpg. i’m almost that pale, though not from goth-o-matic-make-up. just got to stay out of the sun (no, not ex-vampire; just have had skin cancer so i’ve had my dose of ultraviolet light for a lifetime already!). i must be a tattoo artist’s dream … or nightmare!

  • PT says:

    well….hmmm my wife is enjoying her first few days of geekdom!
    she is enjoying habbo hotel more than me!
    soon (like tomorrow!) we will be needing broadband and a second apple mac….
    never thought the day would come when Magz would spend more time in virtuality than i!
    o looking forward to suddenly being in seminary tomorrow

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