Going to Cyberchurch.

How historic! Opening day at UK’s first 3D Cyberchurch, which turned out to be a big success. Huge hats off to Church of Fools.
I made a few screenshot QT movies:
(Broadband) There is me on the stage (17mb) or me ascending the pulpit (13 MB), both of which will give u a good idea of being there.
(Modem – you poor sods!)) An embarrassing moment for me when a girl sat on my lap in church (1.8mb) (u will see me shift down the pew like a gentleman) and some after service chatter (3.3mb).
You can click the images below to make them bigger.

The service started on time, with the bishop of london presiding. I was the invisible man . . .

since i was invisible, i decided toget a better view and join the bishop of london on the stage . . .

. . . and on the pulpit, since he wasnt using it at the time

after church, the boys had a little fun. just like always.

attention all thee with broadband . . .
here are some movies i uploaded from today’s cyberchurch service. – you will need QT to view them, and due to restricted space, i will not leave them here permanently.

1. Did i really join the stage next to the bishop of london? (yes, but i was invisible) Download the stageservice2.mov

2. Did i really steal the pulpit? Download the pulpit.mov

more tomorrow. in the meantime, feel sorry for me with my wounded hand.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • ande says:

    wow we need never leave our pc/mac/desks now all we need are virtual Parishes/citys so we can do virtual evangalism, want to go for a virtual coffe andrew ill pay???

  • Andrew Jones says:

    virtual coffee? of course not. nobody wants to drink virtual coffee any more than they want to celebrate a virtual christmas dinner. and no one is thinking that computers will replace real meetings – the phone and the tv did not replace, they only enhanced our existing technology and culture.
    what element in these images made u think that replacement was the flavor of this event?

  • ande says:

    to be fair, i didn’t think that replacement was the flavour of this event, i was just pointing out that sometime people can find them settled enough in an actual church and then not look outsie of that so having it online could then only be the same.
    [andrew] fair enough – i am sure cyber churches will share some of the same problems that plague trad, church, as well as generating their own unique set of problems. lets keep our eye on the Shepherd!

  • Rolf Luginbuehl says:

    Question is, what is the goal of this Cyberchurch? What’s the target audience of this website? To go there as a christian and be part of the service, that’s one thing. But to go there as a non believer and be faced with the fact that even Cyberchristians are living back in a 16 century environment is not very Postmodern, isn’t it?

  • Darren says:

    i’m sure that the sof crew will work towards inviting the grace crew over to run a labyrinth in the cyberchurch one day…
    we’ll just have to wait a little while longer for the members of the church to whinge about the uncomfortable pews and sell them off before we can do that though…
    i unfortunately missed out on the opening night due to me misinterpreting the time difference between australia and the uk…
    i slept in and missed cyberchurch…

  • Johannes says:

    These pictures made me think about ways to gather online as a worldwide movement. How about online-discussions in a chat. Are there websites which provide such a thing for thinkers and writers of the emerging church-stuff?

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