Praxis: Training for an Emerging Postmodern Paradigm of Mission

We came to Ngatiawa Contemplative Monastery, here near Waikanae, New Zealand, for PassionFest and liked the people so much that we stayed. Its been a week now and we are having a great time. Justin and Jenny Duckworth are the main conspirators. They let me putter around in the kitchen and hassle the heaps of people coming through. Right now, Praxis mission training is taking place for about 30 missional urban youth workers from New Zealand and Australia.

Praxis focuses on what they call the "emerging postmodern paradigm of mission". Which reminds me of David Bosch who suggested we were in the 'postmodern' paradigm, a term he wanted to replace with the word "ecumenical". As we all know, this never happened, probably due to his untimely death in 1992 and the reluctance of the evangelicals to embrace the "ecumenical" word, despite the fact that it occurs in the New Testament. But "the emerging postmodern paradigm of mission" would probably have his stamp of approval.

The young people here have backgrounds various ministries – Urban Vision, Urban Seed, UNOH, Salvation Army, and whatever Youth For Christ has morphed into.

Praxis course lunch only god can judge me tattoo
Interesting collection of tattoos over lunch.

Right now, Dr Andew Shepherd is teaching on mission theology. There is a text book to go with the course. Readings from this module are from Sherron Kay George (The Quest for Images of Missionaries in a "Post-Missionary Era), Rene Padilla, Brian McLaren, Mike Frost and snippets of David Bosch.

I love the emphasis on justice and working among the poor. I LIKE IT LIKE IT LIKE IT A LOT A LOT ALOT ALOT ALOTALOT!!!!!!!


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