docstoc : boring documents can be fun.

I just took another look at after a few months away – its become HUGE and still growing. Amazing PDF resource. Even my Facebook is suggesting I sync with docstoc.

The documents on docstoc are not always sexy like books in a bookstore but sometimes they can be a great way of accessing niche knowlege that you would never find otherwise. Even boring documents can be fun if they hit the spot.

Docstoc image

For example, a document I found this morning, just uploaded a few weeks ago, is the final emerging church report from a church in Scotland that is making plans for their mission projects. The document is the culmination of their committee's thinking and decisions which, although far too boring and irrelevant for almost everyone on the planet, is actually right up my alley.And for a church contemplating starting some fresh expressions of church in their city, it could be just the ticket.

Usually I download these kind of documents and store them for later reference but a better idea is just to leave them on docstoc. Why ACCUMULATE when you can simply ACCESS it when you need it?


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