How To Gate-crash a Cyberchurch Service and Take Over the Pulpit.

This Saturday, leaders of online faith communities come together for a Symposium in London. I am hosting the event, actually, In preparation, I thought I would upload a video of my time at Church of Fools, a cyberchurch experience which would later would lead to St Pixels Church.

It was 2004, opening day, and I was videoing the whole event through screen capture. I wanted to get a better shot of people’s faces so, yes, I crashed the pulpit. It sounds terribly rebellious and irresponsible but I was invisible to all but myself, like a ghost, although some people thought they saw a shadow on the stage while the Bishop of London gave his sermon. They were right.

Luckily for me, the Bishop of London decided to step down from the pulpit and let me have it. After that service, they blocked off the front altar so it became a much greater challenge to take over the pulpit.

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