Graduation Party Online

Update: Thanks everyone for coming. Here is a picture of us dropping into the tub. Great game, Sam!!! The idea was you go through one teleporter and come out falling into the tub. we found out that you can take your coffee with you and it doesn’t spill.

ssgrad2 This is the leftover people lining up in front of the graduation diploma.

I need to stop Suddenly Seminary because we are moving to Stromness, Orkney Islands, and we will be without broadband for at least 4 months. So this will be the last time we meet until further notice. But it has been fun, hasn’t it?

Original post:
Suddenly Seminary Graduation Party.Tuesday 12th. 7pm london time. Be there. Everyone. We will have fun, play games, talk silly. Celebrate. Samuel has created some killer games, including a walk the plank game that has you landing in a chair or hottub – very cool and never been played before. – “suddenly seminary” guest room. password is “boaz”


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  • Liam says:

    Wo, are you sure God has called you to a place without broadband surely not…! Only joking although Ive only had broadband for 3 weeks and its such a relief to get away from dial up. If you talk to Miriam (someone else in Orkney) I think she connects through her mobile some kind of wifi not too sure but I think she has a better speed than 56k. She was one of the people who emailed you from orkney, so I wont post her email address for all to see.

  • andrew jones says:

    thanks Liam. And dont say her name either, in case people go back to her anonomous email (M) and read it.
    no wifi – no broadband – dang!!!! but Jesus is sending us to the poor in bandwidth and it should only be a few more months, The main city (kirwall) already has ADSL)

  • Todd says:

    Andrew, will you send me your phone number for Orkney. ETREK would still love to host you on a call the end of November.

  • Howard says:

    I went over to broadband a couple of weeks ago. I realised the night before that I had laid awake for a couple of hours worried as I would be without e-mail for up to four hours!!! I didn’t give a monkeys about no phone line though…
    I believe the EU give grants towards the cost of satellite broadband receivers if you can get nieghbours to club together to make a local wi-fi hotspot.

  • Howard says:

    PS I meant to say I popped in last night to sud. sem. and enjoyed the non-musical chairs game, although I had to go before I got knocked out. Big shame.

  • was a good time andrew. sorry this was my first visit to SS. and good on sam for the games.

  • Mike T. says:

    I’m not real but actually a talking, typing horse of course.

  • michael says:

    Apparently 100+ people in Stromness signed the BT list before trigger levels were abolished. That’s enough to set up a WDS-based community system using cheap Linksys routers and the Sveasoft firmware, with a shared leased line for net connectivity. See Probably cheaper than BT when they arrive mid-2005, too.

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