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Blogging in 2015

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I have been unblogging for a while which has been a good experience for me. Learning to listen. Learning to watch. I used to call it “blogfast” but unblogging seems to be the term these days. But now that I am starting a new season of work in Europe, and will have lots to blog about, I want to get my …

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What went wrong in the south?

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Alan Cross is a white evangelical Baptist pastor in Montgomery Alabama, the scene of some of America’s worst racial violence. For many years he has been asking the question “What went wrong in the south?” and that journey has led him to be a changemaker for justice in his denomination and beyond. It also led him to publish the book When Heaven …

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5 ways to avoid microfinance corruption

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Conversations about microloans to empower young entrepreneurs in the developing world should NOT contain words such as mafia, suicide epidemic, exploitation, microloan sharks. But they do. In San Francsico I chatted with Wolfgang Fernandez (Next Step) about the microloan industry; why is there so much corruption and what makes the successful programs stand out from those that are now bringing disgrace …

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Help me land the truck in Europe

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Update: YEAH!  2150 Euros aleady given (all from European countries) and i am offering those dear people free advertising on my blogs and/or a custom blog for their business or product. Good news: Our truck arrives in a few days in Belgium. Our friend Peter will pick it up and hold it until we arrive to drive it south to …

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A beard of prodigious length

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The Reformers of the church wore beards and the other guys, those on the dark side, didn’t. I am not being mean to all those baby faced male Protestant leaders out there, although it is true that I am growing a beard and I am allowing my inner Calvin to emerge. But the fact remains: the Reformers wore beards. This …

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A World Without Missionaries?

In Current Affairs, Missions by Andrew Jones

An article on medical missionaries and Ebola by atheist Robert Palmer has caused some outroar among the Christian community. In Palmer’s In Medicine We Trust, the author denigrates missionaries in a way that has created a lot of ink. I don’t want to add much to that but, A few thoughts: – The notion that missionaries have not impacted the world …

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Exponential West

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A big religious conference called Exponential West starts their LIVE WEBCAST in about  . . 2 minutes. I almost went down to SoCal to see some of my friends who will be there but decided I should just stay in San Francisco and watch a few streaming video sessions while my friend Dave is outside, setting up the smoker for some …

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Interviewed by TROV

In photography by Andrew Jones

Today an interview with me was published on Trov. They really liked my 1890’s field camera and I suppose there were a few questions about it. I was ‘troving’ my possessions a month or so ago because we were shipping our stuff to Europe and then Africa and I decided to use Trov as a way of cataloging my stuff, …

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Feast Worldwide Dinner. Again.

In Social Enterprise by Andrew Jones

11 October 2014 at 7pm UPDATE: There is another Worldwide Feast Coming this weekend with the big one in New York and heaps of tiny ones around the world ———————————————- ORIGINAL POST, 2012 The creative people at Feast on Good, who I met in New York and have mentioned on the blog before, are hosting a worldwide dinner party for good on …