Tallskinnykiwi interview with Frank Viola

My friend Frank Viola just posted an interview he did with me a few months ago. Its about blogging and the early days of Christian blogging.

You might have noticed that I have only been blogging once a week at the most and over the past year I haven’t spent much time at all in the social media world. This is because we have been on the road without wifi, hanging out in a monastery, or sometimes just enjoying those REAL face to face relationships and down to earth moments like fixing our truck, taking long baths, cooking and being human. 

But I do plan on putting my blogging hat back on pretty soon. Just not right away.

Back anyway, have a read of the interview. I am going over there right now to read it myself.

And if you get the chance, check out Frank’s many books. He’s a great writer and Bible teacher, as well as the co-author of Pagan Christianity.


Andrew Jones has been blogging since 1997. He is based in San Francisco with his two daughters but also travels the globe to find compelling stories of early stage entrepreneurs changing their world. Sometimes he talks in the third person. Sometimes he even talks to himself and has been heard uttering the name "Precious" :-)


  • It’s an awesome interview and the way I found your blog. Just in time I see, now that you’re back and will be blogging more. I’ve truly enjoyed reading through back posts Andrew. Blessings to you and your family. . .

  • Hi TSK,
    I’d like to contact you about doing a book review but I don’t see a way to contact you. If you like Frank Viola, you might like the subject matter. I’d put a link here but don’t want you to think I’m advertising. 🙂 Are you interested in hearing more? You can search my books on Amazon. Let me know and I’ll give you the details.
    Julie Ferwerda

  • hi julie. sorry its so difficult on this blog. i am about to wipe it clean and start over again so its not very functional right now
    tallskinnykiwi at gmail dot com is the email and PDF is preferred because we are traveling.

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