Prayers for Chuck Smith

HUGE BUMMER: Pastor Chuck Smith announced to his congregation yesterday that he has lung cancer. HT: Phoenix Preacher.

My Californian wife used to attend the CC youth events on Saturday nights in Costa Mesa. Great times!


Chuck Smith is well known for being one of the key leaders behind the Jesus Movement in the 60’s. I continue to be motivated by the story of his clash with his traditional church that didn’t want bare-foot hippies walking on their new carpet. Chuck insisted they come in and worship, barefoot and all. He also allowed a new form of music to influence the worship. He allowed long-haired evangelists like Lonnie Frisbee to speak out in their own language. That decision was a milestone in Calvary Chapel’s history, enabling a huge movement of Jesus freaks to enter the wider church and launch a music revolution.

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It’s no secret that Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel has been at odds with some of the emerging church’s emphases, in particular its understanding of the last days (non-premillenial) and its usage of icons in alternative worship (too eastern). I have suggested there are some creative ways for emerging churches to stay inside the CC world and, despite a few tensions, there are many Calvary Chapels that relate with us in our global work.

Pray for Chuck. He is a great man and still has plenty to give. God give him more miles. And listen in on Thursday Jan 5th when Greg Laurie interviews Chuck Smith.

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  • Rick Meigs says:

    When most of the mainline church was rejecting those in the Jesus Movement, not Chuck Smith. His encouragement and backing are not forgotten. Praying the the peace of Christ will be his during this difficult time and that God will grant him a few “more miles” in this journey.

  • Steve Hayes says:

    Still have a book about him, and also remember contacting Jack Sparks in Jesus Freak days — of the Christian World Liberation Front. Jack went Eastern, but is sadly no longer with us.
    We showed the film “The Son worshippers” to our youth group, and invited the Children of God Colony to speak to them. Now the youth group are all middle ages.

  • Andrew says:

    Cool. I read about Jack Sparks in Berkeley, mid 60’s when he launched out from Campus CC. Intentional communities – seemed way ahead of its time.

  • Dyfed says:

    Off topic … but loving the new design!

  • tobi says:

    thanks for posting! it encourages me to see how christians who otherwise disagree stand together when it gets down to difficult times.

  • Rick Meigs says:

    Andrew, Your post about Chuck Smith got me to dust off some old songs from the group Love Song just for old time sake. I’ve always LOVED their tune “Welcome Back.” Tonight I happen to check YouTube to see if there were any old video of Love Song. There is, but I also found this 2009 one of them where Chuck does an intro to Welcome Back. Well worth seeing cause it gives a flavor what God was doing through Chuck with us Jesus Freaks in the 70’s. Here it is:

  • Steve Martin says:

    I never agreed with Chuch Smith on matters of church doctrine, but I do believe him to be sincere, and a good man with good intentions.
    I pray that the Lord will heal him and comfort him and his family.

  • Kobs says:

    Cool guy been listening to him on HISCHANNEL with Don.
    He is already healed…….

  • heroina burke says:

    From Heroina Burke…
    I start to listening to pastor Chuck ministry every morning at 107.9 time 7:30am and if I did mist it , I will listen to it at 12:00pm , the first time I listen to his voice so calm and clear was the year 2005 taking my children to school, that morning the message that he was taking about touch my spirit and teach with clarity about the Bible and God it was a pleasure to listen to him also went talking about his own life, it did bring me peace , he was a good person and very sincere ..

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