Jim from OldTruth Passes


Blogger and Reformer Jim Bublitz passed away, after a long bout with illness – we prayed for him a while ago. Jim ran the OldTruth blog and launched many bloggers into their calling. Jim and I found ourselves on different sides of the argument concerning the Reformation and the emerging church but I found Jim very likable, as did my readers. Read my Response to Jim: Emerging Submerging of the Reformation and in particular the comments where Jim comes back again and again to interact with readers, always in a nice and generous manner. Here is Jim’s last comment on my blog:


You summarized me in your last comment by saying “we should all strive for a deep reform that involves both doctrine and ethics”, but to be more representative of what I said in my post, it would be more accurate to depict my view and the Reformers view as “ethics *DERIVING FROM* doctrine”. Orthodoxy that drives orthopraxy, and never orthopraxy isolated from orthodoxy. There may be some folks in my camp who appear to focus only on doxy, but if there is no praxy from them, then they are lacking a real doxy.

Ok, I think that really is my last comment (I hope). Thanks again Andrew. PS: Tell your wife not to get so upset by a little ECM ‘bashing’; it’s all a part of the conversation we are having with you:-) We Reformed Christians are getting a bit of beating here too.


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