Chronically Chronological in 2012

Mike at One Year Bible Blog is offering two Bible reading blog journeys for 2012.


Journey 1: One Year Bible Blog.

Join 14,000 people in reading a selection of the Bible each day. I have done this before. Its spirit candy for the soul. Highly recommended.

Journey 2. Chronological Bible Blog.

A new adventure for 2012. Start at the earliest books and move forward in time. Pretty simple. 700 are signed up for this at the moment.

And if you have done these before, Youversion has many Bible reading plans. My family are doing The Bible in One Year on our ipods and computers. I have chosen the Good News Version because that was the Bible I owned and read when I last lived here in New Zealand as a teenager so I thought . ..  well . . why not jump back into that stage and connect with my youthful innocence?


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