Video: The Bible in 11 Minutes

There's a new video called "The Bible in 11 minutes" which is an attempt to sum up the Bible in a way everyone can understand, and do so in eleven minutes. Not an easy task!!!  The video was released recently and went viral in New Zealanad when a radio announcer gave the website address and the server crashed under the huge demand of kiwis trying to watch it.

  Evangelism strategies international - julian batchelor and team

I just met the creator, Julian Batchelor, and his team at Evangelism Strategies International. They really hope more more people see their video, and ask for some guidance at the end, but they probably also need some bigger servers if people outside NZ are going to watch. Can you help?

I also recommended they hook up with my friends at the International Evangelism Day

If you live in NZ, you might want to attend their training Day next week. How to Create a Church with a DNA of Evangelism, Feb 12, 9-4 at Palmerston North Central Baptist Church. Email elenororg at ihug dot co dot nz for details.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Nate Custer says:

    In general I have found it helpful to split scaling video playback and scaling the website content.
    To scale the video playback I think Google does a great job with Youtube, the limit there is now 15 minute long videos.
    To scale a website like the one they have, you can get a lot of gains just by setting up Cloudflare:
    Its a free service and will give you 5 CDN like caches all around the world.
    Hope that helps.

  • Joseph says:

    James Choung sums things up in a 3 minute video in a manner which resonates with me a lot more than the video you’ve feature here.
    Enjoy. Joseph

  • Alejandra says:

    The video is amazing!May I suggest adding it to ? Their servers should be ready for the traffic and it can help with going viral. The site is free.

  • Dana Ames says:

    I agree with Joseph about The Big Story.
    I couldn’t even watch one minute’s worth of the Bible in 11 Minutes.
    The first point, God is Holy/Perfect is Judgment (the bad kind) right off the bat. Not only that, but it signifies a God whose hands are tied by not being able to let anything imperfect into Heaven. The most important thing we can know about God is that God is a community of Persons relating in freedom and interpenetraing Love, not that God requires Perfection in Heaven, as though Heaven (some non-specified place other than this earth) were actually the goal – see point 2. Love has to be the ground for everything. If “perfection/holiness” is the most important thing about God, then there is something that is “bigger” than God, and God is held captive by that thing.
    The second point, that the Soul is the “Real You”, is quite dualistic and quite definitely not the Hebrew view of things. God is not about “saving souls”. God is about restoring his good creation, beginning with its pinnacle, humankind, in and through the Resurrection – which was not God’s parlor trick to convince us that Jesus’ sacrifice was good enough, but rather the beginning of the new creation.
    I clicked off at that point. NT Wright has spoiled me. Forgive me for being so abrupt.

  • ‘The gospel’, as Jesus used the term in Mark 16:15, must cover certain content in order to say ‘we have preached the gospel’. According to the world top theologians this content is as follows:
    1. Why we must be saved.
    2. How Jesus can save us.
    3. What we must do to be saved.
    4. The Cost of becoming a disciple.
    If this content is not covered, the gospel has not been proclaimed.

  • Hi Dana,
    You are right, NT Wright has ruined you.
    Don Carson and John Piper are two of the world’s leading theologians who strongly refute the views held by NT Wright about the mission of the church in the world.
    The mission of the Church is not primarily to heal and restore the world.
    The world is getting worse and worse, culminating in the Second Coming of Christ.
    The primary mission of the Church is to evangelise the world – this is why it’s called The Great Commission.
    If you truly love your neighbour, you’ll explain to the gospel to them in loving grace, that they might be saved.
    You say ‘God is not about saving souls’ I am not sure we are reading the same Bible. What are you going to do with a verse like Luke 19:10 from the lips of Jesus ‘I came to seek and save the lost’

  • Abe Vagoda says:

    You’re right Dana.
    If it starts off with us as disposable except for our soul it’s showing a dualistic (not the ideal term) of people.
    It’s simplistic and non holistic

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