US$2,650 for Turkish Earthquake. THANKS!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who gave towards our Turkish Earthquake appeal.

Earthquake turkey 1

As you know, a 7.2 earthquake hit eastern Turkey last week leaving thousands of families homeless in the FREEZING FREEZING COLD! I know it was freezing because I was there a few days later, freezing my skinny butt off in the mountains to deliver blankets, baby food and warm winter clothing . . .

. . .  all stuff that was donated by local Turks (almost all of them of Kurdish descent) and all stuff that would NOT have arrived in good time if it were not for your gifts to us which  . . .

totalled US$2,650

More detailed info is in our official Newsletter that just went out to those who support Boaz and and all our projects. We raised $2, 650 and we spent $2,840.

Biggest expense by far was for diesel for our large thirsty truck which did over 2000 miles of travel last week in the country with the most expensive fuel in the European area.

Biggest donation was the generous gift by the W Charitable Foundation, without which I don’t think we would have stepped out to help. I will blog more about this soon because NOW money is what is needed immediately after an earthquake and not SOON money or even LATER money. I will tell you exactly how the W Foundation was able to respond so quickly to this crisis and speed their funds to where they were needed before the other Foundations had got up for breakfast. They that snooze, lose.

Other donations (sorry to mention you but I will) by Bill Kinnon, Cindy Blick, Mr Jackson, [update: add Teresa Kwon, John La Grou, Tamsin C]

Thanks also to all the lovely Turkish petrol station owners who gave us free chai (tea) along the way.

Thanks to the Kurdish people of Antalya.

Thanks to our Turkish translator Selchuk who came all the way with us and also navigated.

Selchuk earthquake

Thanks to Priscilla from Germany who flew in the day before to join our team and found herself driving a huge truck across Turkey. I was surprised that her feet touched the pedals. [Hi Priscilla!]

Team earthquake turkey

Thanks to everyone for prayers.

Our little project is now done but if you wanted to give to the Turkish earthquake relief and rebuilding effort and do so through the Turkish churches, then I suggest contacting these people and request bank transfer details:

Churches Van Coordination Centre

Tel: +90(232) 445 69 92 GSM: +90 (536) 335 93 49



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