Something is Happening in Egypt

We left Egypt a week ago, right before Revolution II broke out.

Something is happening there.

Egypt tshirt revolution


In some ways I wish I was still there but at the same time, I feel we were present for the beginnings of a spiritual revolution that is just as important as the political changes, and instrinsically linked to it.

You don’t read that in the newspapers.

That’s not to knock the newspapers. In fact, one newspaper has consistently delivered the the most accurate coverage of the Arab world protests including Egypt. Articles from the English news source, The Guardian, are forwarded to me almost daily friends in Cairo. These articles have come in the past few days from friends in Egypt.

Nov 22: Egypt’s military rulers continuing Mubarak-era Abuses

Nov 23: Revolution II

Nov 23. Egypt has halted the drive to derail the Arab revolution

But more than just reporting from the scene, The Guardian has provided an interactive twitter map of the Arab Protests to plot the tweets from the on-location reporters.

Guardian interactive map of arab protests

And if you want some history of this movement then check out The Guardian’s interactive Path of Protest Timeline.

Path of protest guardian

Thats impressive! HUGE KUDOS to The Guardian. Reminds me of CNN’s role in the Gulf War.

However, the newspapers in general have neglected some essential pieces of the larger puzzle. One piece in particular is the movement of prayer, the 11.11.11 prayer gathering of 71,000 people in Cairo on Nov 11,2011 which was Egypt’s largest Christian gathering in over a thousand years [how did they miss that?], the movement of unity among the churches themselves and between Christians and Muslims, demonstrated outwardly by circles of protection.

christians protect muslims as they pray

Image from Wally in Cairo who says: “Continuing the tradition begun in February: Christians surround Muslims when they take time out to pray in Tahrir… It may not just be symbolic, either, as I heard one report that some activists who took time out to pray were attacked by security forces.”

11.11.11 prayer meeting for 71000 christians in cairo

Image: 71,000 gather for all-night Christian prayer meeting at Cairo’s cave church complex. The biggest Egyptian Christian event of any kind for a millennium. I was there. I took video.

As I write this post, the largest evangelical church in Cairo has Muslims praying in the foyer, and injured people being treated by doctors and surgeons, both Muslim and Christian.

Something is happening here.

A few weeks ago I talked to a prayer leader in Cairo about the political situation. She told me a prophetic word had been given during a prayer gathering in Turkey a few months earlier regarding Egypt.

“A dream of a statue of Pharaoh that suddenly broke and collapsed. It was replaced by a black viper that rose up. This was understood in April to mean that a significant change in political leadership was going to take place soon in Egypt, and a warning for intercessors to pray for restraining of evil that would seek to fill the leadership void.” Notes from prayer gathering in Turkey, April 2011

It’s very possible that what we are seeing now is the playing out of this and many other prophetic words that God has been giving to His people over the year. Its a news source that does not get much cred in the secular press but it is reliable and timely nonetheless.

Egypt tshirtStuff is happening behind the scenes, in the heavenlies, on earth, and sometimes God’s prophets are hearing it before the actual events occur. It is the result of God’s people praying for what is on His heart, for what He tells them to pray for. I remember this happening in the late 80’s when God was telling me and many others to pray for the Berlin wall to come down. Which it did very soon afterwards. And it’s happening now in Egypt.

“Because something is happening here
But you don’t know what it is
Do you, Mister Jones ?”

Bob Dylan, Ballad of a Thin Man

Something is going on that is more than just political upheaval. God give us all eyes to see. Especially us thin men.

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