Night Time Blessing

This morning I woke up and wrote a night time blessing. Influence from John O’Donohue and Sabastian Faulks whose high society parties in 1960’s Washington in “On Green Dolphin Street” are still in my mind as I am currently reading that novel.


Good Night

By Andrew Jones

On the night
when your body surrenders
the tension of the day
to cotton sheets
and your mind suddenly finds
no audience for its performance
no customers for its business
but rather retirement
until the sun’s alarming return

when rationality says good night
and leaves the room with commonsense
and your memories mingle indiscriminately
introducing themselves
without prejudice
to the most unlikely of companions
in a cocktail party
of random thoughts
and misty musings

when regret pours a drink for guilt
and distress stands by the fireplace with trepidation
and disappointment asks remorse for a dance
and the party conspires against you
to rob you of rest

when you see
in the corner of your eye
fear and dread
slip through the back door
to craft their dark sordid tale
that can barely be heard
but its coldness felt
as their secret whispers
give rise
to black clouds of gloom

on that night
when that happens
may a team of god’s angels
surround your mind with peace
and allow heaven’s wind
to blow away
every grey cloud
every foggy fear
every misty threat
beyond reach
to banish your anxieties
to an ocean island prison
and instead
to inspire dreams that smile
softened with stories that soothe.

may skillful fingers knit the strands of your memories
into a colourful adventurous tale
that sends a warm silent giggle down your face
to tease your dimples
to tug at your lips
to find escape
in a muffled squeal of delight
that no one will ever hear
not even you

may dreams from a kingdom of peace dance on your pillow
grab them
they are yours
may you be
warmed by fondness
caressed by tenderness
kissed by cheekiness
licked by silliness
held by steadiness
as your thoughts swirl
into a happy concoction of contentment and tranquility
to pamper your mind
while calmness orders your body
to give up its gallant service for the night
and be renewed
for tomorrow

sleep well, my dreamer
for your world is at rest

your tired geese have found landing and are at rest
your alert soldiers have stood down and are at rest
your sous chefs have cleaned their knives and are at rest
your camels have bent their knees and are at rest
your prison guard on his lonely island has hung up his keys

and everything
under god’s care
is at rest
because all is well
and there is nothing more to be done
except rest

good night

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