Rugby World Cup

Update: IT HAS BEGUN!! These sites will keep you up on the games: SportalAllblacks.comStuff, and NZ Herald Rugby World Cup.

As a Kiwi its my duty to offer an apology to all my friends from England, South Africa and Australia for the solid beating you will receive at the World Cup which starts in a few days in Auckland. Let me extend the same apology to friends from Scotland, Ireland, WALES, France, Canada and the USA. I just want you all to know that we New Zealanders really do love you all and if you do lose, and you will, then please return to your home country with the pride that your rugby team had their arses whipped by the best team in the world!

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A little quote from Wikipedia for you to meditate on:

The All Blacks have held the top ranking in the world for longer than all other countries combined and in over 100 years only five of the top twenty ranked test rugby nations have ever beaten New Zealand.

TIP: If you want to tune into the World Cup and hear the backstory and the background and the BACKSTABBING  behind the games then I recommend my old friend Murray Deaker who blogs and spurts inflammatories and emotional outbursts at Deaker on Sport, once he gets back on his game.


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  • Johncp says:

    How mant times have the All Blacks won the world cup?
    Oh yes – ONCE, when South Africa didn’t compete!

  • Dyfed says:

    I’m sure your readers from the above nations will graciously accept your apology and be just as gracious in defeat at the hands of the mighty All Blacks.
    However, I’m Welsh. I’m sure you’re not so rude as to forget your apology to us – so I’m taking this as an admission that the arse-whipping will be done by us to you Kiwis.
    Dymuniadau gorau!

  • John says:

    I expect New Zealand to win it but just in case you choke again (yes I went there), we would be happy to pick up the trophy again in your absence and make it a record third win!

  • Gary Ware says:

    You know the punishment for false prophecy…

  • Andrew says:

    Dyfed, no insult intended by the omission of the Welsh in this post. I thought i had added them but i guess not. fixed now.
    Maybe if the Welsh play better this time then I might remember them better next time . . .

  • LG says:

    Hahahahaaa….wishful thinking!!
    I have been following you for a while, and really enjoy your bloh…. but could not let this go by without commenting!
    We will still love you when we retain our CHAMPION title! Gave you a little bit of a mention in my blog this morning… ! Enjoy the rugby!!

  • LG says:

    Oh… by the way – love the Haka! Will give you that!

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