Finding your inner monk

You are never too young to be a monk.


We have been enjoying this weekend with a bunch of young people (16 – 25) from around New Zealand who are part of the Order of St Stephen (OSS). Nice people. Mostly Anglicans, maybe all of them Anglicans, probably due to the re-launching of this monastic Order a few years ago by Bishop Tom of Wellington and the encouragement of Anglican Youth Ministries. But the Order was originally made up of Presbyterian, Methodist and Anglican youth who wanted to serve their church and their community.

OSS makes an appearance on the Anglicans Online official list of Anglican Religious Orders and they are now on Facebook. They describe themselves this way:

“The Order of Saint Stephen is a network of young adults and their supporters; living out ministry and mission through prayer, community and service, from within the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand.”

Related: New book on St Francis of Assisi coming out this month called Francis of Assisi: A New Biography. I saw that Amy Welborn highly recommends it. Can’t believe the publishers did not send me a copy to review on my blog. One day I will tell you about my pilgrimage to Assisi but in the meantime you can give me your thoughts on my revamped movie poster for Brother Sun, Sister Moon.

Francis assiss brother sun sister moon


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  • love it! Subtle and moving. Or mooning.

  • OMG- i remember when the song for that movie came out- i had it on a 45. (yes, i am dating myself) I just watched it again on netflix…

  • Jon Reid says:

    Ha ha!! Love it.
    We actually watched this movie as a family recently, because I had such nostalgia for it. It was still good, but not as good as my nostalgia. Turns out Francis is an airy-fairy who can’t carry on a normal conversation with anyone.

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