Against the Tide, Towards the Kingdom

“We changed our language from a “simple lifestyle” to a “generous lifestyle.” We went with less in order that others could have more.” Jenny and Justin, Against the Tide

New book that I highly recommend and just mentioned on my “Choosing to be homeless and poor” post. The book is called Against the Tide, Towards the Kingdom by Jenny and Justin Duckworth.

There are lots of books on the new monastic movement and the emerging church movement and radical Christianity among the poor. This book confronts you with all of at at the same time because its written by a couple who bring it all together in their lifestyle and ministry. Talking about Justin and Jenny Duckworth of Urban Vision who are are hidden treasure and shining beacon of in a world of mediocre books and mediocre lives.

This is radical with an apron.

This is throwing away the picket fence to let the unlovely into your lives.

This is walking away from aspirations of a comfortable lifestyle and career and allowing God to upgrade you into a meaningful life that will change lives, even though it will not impress your relatives.

I was so impressed by the book, and by their community during our visit this year, that I sent my son down to NZ to live with them in their monastery. He’s still there.

Here’s some choice quotes from the book.

“Offering home in our modern world is one of the most radical things we can do. Not just Sunday lunch, but a place for others to share life with, which nurtures the reality of God’s welcoming family. That’s the heart of the gospel.”

“We have learnt to buy clothes at op shops, drive less, bike, walk and hitchhike more, share everything, eat less—both quantity and quality (less luxury food, particularly meat)—entertain ourselves and our neighbors for free or cheap, holiday where we are offered free places, or camp, and stop collecting bloody stuff we don’t need! We have found it both liberating and challenging”

“Just as we don’t choose our children, we can accept who God gives us and make the family of God a welcoming place. Taking on the people God sends us as our best friends is an offering that ripples out into our neighborhoods.”


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