Around the world with Global Challenge

At our campground in Turkey last night we met a group of South Africans who were traveling the world on a Global Challenge expedition. We invited them over to our truck for a Braai (South African style BBQ) and some Rooibos tea. I don’t think they had been eating very well and they were thrilled to see some MEAT smoking away on the grill.

Global Challenge Expeditio1

A lot of young people talk about traveling away from their home and changing the world but very few actually do it. I really like meeting young Christians who have already taken the leap of faith and have launched out beyond their comfort zone.

BTW I highly recommend Global Challenge, which started in South Africa but now works globally. There are a number of round the world type expeditions now being hosted and offered as a type of short-term experience. Earlier this year I spoke at a “Around the World in 80 days” training.

And if you are thinking of being a global nomad for a year then I recommend buying a “Round The World” [RTW] flight. The cheapest ones start and end in London and you can do the world for under 1000 pounds. Thats just a little more than going to the other side of the world and back. But with a round the world ticket, you go in the same direction and can take a whole lot of stops and you have a year to do it. You sometimes need to do a little road trip or two to keep the miles down – which is what we did last year. We ended up driving across USA in a car we bought for $300 and we took a train across China to Beijing.


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