Top 200 Church Blogs. Do reformed nerds really rule?

Church blog rankings have one purpose and one purpose only: To allow the reformed bloggers to ridicule the emerging church bloggers. If there was another purpose, it would be for all of us church bloggers to stroke our tender blog-egos.

Kent Shafer just released his Top 200 church blogs and it seems the Reformed bloggers are kicking butt. Again. Ouch!

[you probably didnt know it was a contest . .  ay?]

as of March 26, 2011

Name Author
alexa rank
compete visitors
google pagerank
google reader
yahoo inlinks
1 Between Two Worlds Justin Taylor
2 GetReligion Various
3 The Resurgence Various
4 Michael Hyatt Michael Hyatt
5 DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed Kevin DeYoung
6 Jesus Creed Scot Mcknight
7 Don Miller Don Miller
8 Internet Monk Various
9 Pyromaniacs Various
10 Dr. Albert Mohler Albert Mohler

OK – I am looking at 5 blogs that would probably be “Reformed”, 4 blogs that would probably come under the “Emerging” label, and one blog (Get Religion) that would be neither. 5-4. A fair win.

  Ed stetzer tweet

Perhaps Ed Stetzer is correct: “Reformed nerds rule. Emerging church is dead”.

But wait! Lets look at another list.

Wikio has released the Top 20 religion blogs and you will find a completely different list of blogs. I copied this from Maggie’s blog.

Top Blogs – Religion and Belief – April 2011

 In this list, the Reformed dont win at all. HA HA!! Does it make a difference that the Wikio list is composed in UK? Yep I guess so. A little reality:

1. Language matters. All these blogs are English only so its not fair to call any of them “world’s top blogs” without ranking foreign-language sites.

2. Geography matters. Even Kent admits that.

3. Criteria matters. Kent uses 5 criteria to measure his Top 200 but there are many ways to measure a blog. Blog Rank, for example, uses 20 different criteria and the results are very different.

Christianity  Blogs: The ultimate rank

# Blog Title RSS RSS Site Score Badge
1st Challies Dot Com 16,010 83,758 77,742 380,327 5 rss 100 100
2nd Christian Personal Finance 8,614 7,774 28,051 50,636 5 rss 99.65 100
3rd Desiring God Blog 28,258 n/a n/a 139,671 3 rss 99.34 100
4th Ragamuffin Soul 6,829 169,061 198,138 104,784 5 rss 99.33 100
5th 22 Words 5,331 20,004 38,332 68,112 5 rss 98.7 100
6th ChurchCrunch 4,390 120,018 74,351 31,758 4 rss 98.53 100
7th Bible Gateways Verse of the Day n/a 444 1,344 2,764,431 7 rss 98.52 100
8th Tall Skinny Kiwi 2,842 n/a n/a 83,240 5 rss 98.35 100
9th Church Relevance 5,151 149,605 359,709 5,546 5 rss 98.3 100
10th Between Two Worlds 37,385 n/a 2,295,000 135,292 6 rss 97.99 100
11th 7,086 299,510 480,589 66,098 4 rss 97.95 100
12th by Pete Wilson 2,266 n/a 309,525 108,871 4 rss 97.85 100
13th Compassion International – Christian Blog on Child Poverty 3,285 14,057 72,600 41,028 5 rss 97.62 100
14th Human3rror 2,180 370,913 141,873 41,500 4 rss 97.61 100
15th Perry Noble dot com 10,618 223,936 439,366 85,798 4 rss 97.52 100
16th Logos Bible Software Blog 36,790 n/a n/a 43,605 6 rss 97.17 100
17th GetReligion n/a 38,152 205,524 434,509 7 rss 97.02 100
18th TheResurgence n/a 24,524 100,569 309,464 5 rss 97 100
19th Albert Mohlers Blog n/a 44,634 112,904 364,716 4 rss 96.96 100
20th n/a 124,851 404,776 230,241 6 rss 96.95 100

In this scenario, I beat out Justin Taylor (who was number one on Top 200) but Tim Challies rules the roost. [once again].

Top Blogs

And in fact a lot of reformed bloggers dominate the BlogRank list as well as Kent Schafers Top 200 . . . so . .  I have to reluctantly agree with Ed Stetzer and admit that the Reformed bloggers, actually, win in the blog game and emerging church bloggers, in fact, lose!

At least they do for now . . .  but just you wait . . . heh heh!!


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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Reformed folks are still trying convince themselves that they are right, so they keep talking. Emerging folks decided & are out doing gospel work. &:~D

  • Jeremy Myers says:

    Great post. Glad to see you on the list.
    I wish I knew more about how they chose the 245 sites to rank for the top 200. I checked my blog stats on the five areas that Kent Shafer used, and I was right “in” there.

  • Andrew says:

    To his credit, Kent does a great job in discussing how he selects the blogs and also the problems with trying to be fair and accurate

  • Steve K. says:

    😉 I like that.

  • Steve K. says:

    or should I say … @8^]#

  • Kent Shaffer says:

    Great blog, Jeremy! I wasn’t aware of it but will be sure to measure it during the next update to the list.

  • brambonius says:

    I thought you had dumped the label ’emerging church’ yourself more than a year ago and said ‘I will not be using the emerging church vocabulary’ and ‘I wont be carrying the emerging church conversation’ in your ‘goodbyes to emergent village’?
    so what about world Christianity? Isn’t it much more important than American in-house discussions? Don’t you have a list of bloggers outside of the US (and UK and even english-speaking Western world) that write in any readable language about their christian life, missions, and the Kingdom of God in maybe very different contexts? such a thing might be more interesting…
    (and also, where are pentecostels and charismatics?)

  • Andrew says:

    Good memory, Bram
    You will notice [a few blog posts back] that we are using the phrase “Fringe Expressions” this year for what we would have called “fresh expressions” over the past few years and “emerging church” a few years before that
    But we also acknowledge that some countries are still using the emerging church language and we are cool with that.
    whats the word in Belgium these days ????

  • Ali says:

    Wow, I didn’t think you were a Reformed-hater…or at least disliker.

  • Andrew says:

    Reformed-hater??? Where did you get that from???
    Its just a little friendly banter that makes life more interesting.
    I love the Reformed folk and I also love the long history of Reformed background that i carry around with me.
    Read my post to find out more:

  • Ali says:

    “Hater” was an exaggeration, but my impression has been recently that any reference to “Reformed folk” has been negative, and some of the comments re. the Rob Bell stuff seemed to place today’s “New Reformed” understanding of heaven and hell in a negative contrast to N.T. Wright, a contrast that doesn’t exist as far as I can see.
    But the knee-jerk reactions I had been reading against “Reformed folk” elsewhere may have coloured my reading of your posts. I was wondering whether your association with those critical of the “New Reformed” had rubbed off on you (I can’t recall much interaction from anyone other than “emerging folk” in your comments of late).
    You deny this, and so I apologise. The fault is likely all at my end. I’ll try to guard against misreading you.

  • Andrew says:

    Ali – there actually IS some banter between new reformed and emerging church/fresh expressions and i am not denying it.
    but it is often a very friendly banter and something that we use to sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron.
    read my post on reformed dogs (suspicious) and emerging cats (curious) to see a bigger picture – its a post that suggests the ec owes a lot to Reformed thinking.

  • phil wood says:

    I’m still new enough at this blogging business to be a little unsure how these rankings work. Radref is lurking at 92 on the wikio list so I had better get my act together to take on the Reformed brigades. These lists are like opinion polls. The politicians all say they never read them but… I’m an Anabaptist blogger so no hope of competing with the emerging throng or the dry bones of Calvin. I’ve no idea what the top Anabaptist blog might be but would hazard a guess at Young Anabaptist Radicals.

  • Miah says:

    This is tiresome.

  • mountainguy says:

    I guess Scott McKnight is anabaptist, but I thought like you that the top in the radical reformation arena would be YAR.
    Greetings from Argentina (though I’m colombian).
    Happy easter for y’all!

  • phil wood says:

    I do keep in touch with Scott and the YAR people. Anabaptist blogging from a UK context still feels out on a limb. There’s a painful Anabaptist/Reformed history so it gives the current discussion a little edge that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

  • Andrutzya says:

    In my opinion Michael Hyatt’s blog should be on first place.I like his post very much.

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