Alaska: Surprise hit band of Parachute 2011

I just finished listening to Alaska play the mainstage. They won the 'Best of White Elephant" at Parachute Festival 2011 and my kids heard them many times. I told you they were worth checking out!!!! They have a harpist and violinist in the band and have a unique sound – a bit like Radiohead, actually, and they even did a Radiohead cover.

Alaska at parachute festival

You can download Alaska's music here.

Other great bands here: Skillet rocked! – I had never heard them before but their sound is amazing. And Brian Welch made a good impression on the Parachute crowd through his music, his talks and through encouraging guitar skills in the workshops.


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  • Brian Welch has an amazing story. Was lead guitarist for the band Korn. Was a major meth head. Got saved and has been living it for God ever since.

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