Ted and Gayle Haggard and their In-Home Church

Speaking of house church, as I have been in the past few blog posts, you may not have heard the phrase “in-home church” before . . . but . . . apparently . . . Ted and Gayle Haggard have one and just incorporoated it under the name St James. I wish them the best.

Come to think of it, the Queen of England has an “in-home church” as well, or perhaps “in-palace church” is a better description.

I was thinking about Ted last week. He used to say that a rising tide should lift up all the boats, and a move of God should bless ALL the churches in an area. It would be great if church growth people and their missional offspring would start measuring growth in the wider community of God’s people instead of being infatuated with how many bums plant themselves on their pews every Sunday morning.

Hmmmmm. SOoooooo . . . In-Home Church. Anyone like the phrase?

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  • Deb Hollister says:

    What’s going to happen when (not if) our churches lose their tax exempt status. Maybe a IN-HOME Church will be more “relevant” anyway.

  • Scott Gould says:

    I’m just more concerned about Ted running a church, period.
    Re: in-home – sure, home groups / cells / life groups / community groups / home church – new name for something that has been around since the book of Acts.
    Certainly, throwing everything else our in favour of something new is just imbalance.

  • Tim Sokell says:

    ‘In’… ‘Out’… shake it all about!

  • Bob says:

    From the article:
    “Ted Haggard said Tuesday that St. James was incorporated “to keep the accounting in order” of the paid talks they’ve given for about a year and a half at evangelical churches across the country. The Haggards incur out-of-pocket expenses while on the road, so St. James is a way to be reimbursed for those costs in an orderly manner, he said.”
    Sounds more like a tax shelter for the Ted Haggard fan club than church to me.
    I don’t think it matters what you call “church”. What matters is being the church. Our great commandment is to believe in Jesus and love one another. We don’t need a name or tax-exempt status for that.

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