Rock on Christmas Update

Picture 3.pngRock on Christmas Festival, that rocked Portugal last December, will happen again this year in a few more countries. Probably Spain and Italy as well as Portugal. Maybe even North Africa [come on Morocco]. Who knows?? Denny and Maureen Hurst are hosting a meeting next week in Portugal to discuss it. Here’s a little update and some free promo for some of last year’s bands, because they came all the way to play for us without getting paid.

Jasmin Jones from Triplet has a BIG CD release party tomorrow for Lost in Rainbows which is available already on iTunes. Have fun Jasmin!

Marc James from Verra Cruz has released his first solo album called Surrender. He calls it a worship album. Does anyone have it? Recommendation???

Rob Cassels is now rocking the blogosphere but I cant find his blog. Rob – where did you put that thing? [update: Blog is here – Thanks Rob] And please tell us the lyrics of that song that got you banned from ORU because of the reference to Oral Roberts up in the tower.

Here is some classic Rob Cassels Band from MTV back in 1986.

LOVE those wife-beaters Rob! MOre info on Rock on Christmas here.


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  • AndrewSD says:

    Hi Andrew – yup, got Marc’s album this last week. He came to our church last year at the invitation of our Worship Co-ordinator who subsequently co-wrote one of the tracks on Surrender, so going to be a tad biased. As with anything Marc does there is a bluesy, folksy under-current to this album. As an American friend of mine says, he smokes what he sells. The lyrics come from a tender heart and it shows. The album is a grower, for sure. However, being honest, I still prefer the original version of ‘Surrender’ on the Vineyard album to the new one. Blessed Rain is the song that stands out for me.

  • rob cassels says:

    I will email you the song “The Reverend Silk.”if I can get an adress.It’s the one that got us kicked off the campus.The blog is on the tab that says blog on the website.Thanks for your help bro.Contact me through Facebook on a message that way your email will be safe.

  • Mark Heath says:

    @AndrewSD – I agree about Surrender – the original version is a classic, which made it hard to enjoy the new recording

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