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I am in New York this week for “Feast on Good” social enterprise conference, and to work on a social accounting project called the Transformation Index, and then off to Atlanta on Friday for meetings there on Saturday. Sat evening in Atlanta is free. Any ideas.


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  • Andrew – what you came to NYC and didn’t tell me? 🙂
    I told Shannon and Brad I want to connect while you’re here once y’all know your schedule. Hint, hint, hint. Also, I’d love to pass around what you’re doing when it’s appropriate. Way, way, cool.

  • I also have plenty of ideas what you can do in NYC esp. on a Sunday if you want to check out a range of services, etc. I even found a labyrinth near Wall Street. But do what works for you.

  • My personal favorite thing to do on a Saturday night would be to check out Eddies Attic ( for excellent food and music. Eddies is in Decatur, which is a quick Marta ride from Downtown Atlanta. If you want any details, shoot me an email.

  • Yes, have dinner w/ me! Two Urban Licks is a really hip restaurant, you might like. Eddie’s Attic and Smith’s Old Bar are very popular bars in Decatur and Little 5 respectively.
    My name is Jesse. I work for the Catalyst Conference. I do social media/twitter/blogging and web content management (and some graphic design).
    I’d love to hear about the Feast, the Transformation Index, and your thoughts on the Church moving forward.
    404.513.9980 (we’re friends)

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