The Feast Worldwide Dinner Party kicks off here

UPDATE: We just had our dinner and it was GREAT. Read about it here.


ORIGINAL POST: The creative people at Feast on Good, who I met in New York and have mentioned on the blog before, are hosting a worldwide dinner party for good on Friday Oct 5. And we are doing it with them by hosting a pizza party with a difference. Why not?

Feast worldwide dinner party

We happen to be in New Zealand right now so we thought we might as well KICK OFF the Worldwide Dinner Party here. Something to do with the International Date Line being right on our ass. 

Feast dinner party world map

There are various challenges each dinner party can choose. We have chosen the poverty challenge and my guest list includes people that are actively involved in social enterprise among the poor in the local area. 

Some of the resources to inspire the dinners are worth looking at. They pointed to one project that is turning church pews into beds for the homeless

SHOULD BE FUN! You could host a party also. Think about it.


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