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UPDATE: Not this time. Nobody in Altanta is really interested so I will shelve this talk and bring it out at another date – perhaps Dallas early next year as part of our ten year celebration of the Boaz Project under BGCT.

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Saturday evening Oct 3, 2009

I will be in Atlanta on Saturday evening (maybe Friday evening also) and would like to tell the story of the emerging church in USA from the Southern Baptist point of view. Its an amazing story and so much of it happened in and around the SBC. All very exciting – creativity, heresy, drinks and stinks, experiments, mistakes, successes, problems, victories, Great story and a part of our church/mission history. It should take about one hour.

I have the story. What I dont have is a place to tell it. This is where you come in and say “Ooohhhh Andrew, we can gather some friends who would like to hear about that and we can do it at _________” And I reply “Ahh yes . .the perfect place. Lets bring some food.”


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Scott F says:

    Are you looking for a venue AND audience or just a venue?

  • ummmmmmmm any chance your coming down a bit further south? You know where…. we’d love to host! Oh, and please do podcast that lil ditty in Atlanta… (wish i could get up there, but i gotta work)
    xoxo cat

  • I second Cathryn’s podcast request. I am way out in SoCal so I can’t host you either, but would enjoy hearing the story. 🙂

  • Scott F says:

    A large group of men from church are having a cigar and “adult beverage” night that Saturday. I’ll check and see if you can crash and present. Will you have equipment needs?

  • kyle says:

    Oooh, Andrew, I know just the place and group for that… in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When can I pencil you in?

  • Andrew, who would you prefer the target audience to be? Can you give me a call…I have some strong contacts in Atlanta.

  • Steve K. says:

    OK I’ll put a vote in for Charlotte 😉
    I wish I could drive down to Atlanta, but I can’t — though I hate to miss the opportunity! I hope it works out though, and I too hope that someone livestreams it and/or records and posts video later …

  • EAJ says:

    I would invtie you here if I had a church anymore. Left mine of 25 years because they decided to dip their toes a little further into the Emergent movement. Been without a church for 3 years now. Interestingly today I just sent 3 emails to the only 3 Southern Baptist pastors in town asking them where they stood about all this and where their bent was concerning the reformed point of view now taking shape in the Southern Baptist doctrine. And then I landed on your site today. Hmmm how about that? 🙂

  • andrew says:

    a house would be fine.
    which audience milfred? Well, when the SBC convention recently put forward the idea of researching the emerging church in the SBC to gather data for next years meeting, I felt an obligation to share what I know. I still carry that obligation and since i will be in atlanta anyway – where we briefed NAMB 12 years ago on these changes, (it was called Home Mission Board back then), i thought I should at least offer to tell the story from my angle.
    if it doesnt work out, no problem. At least I offered.

  • would love to hear/see a podcast/video of this presentation.
    + would love to share it with others.

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