3 days before we hit the road.

Really hectic here right now. We leave in 3 days and the truck still doesnt have any beds. We are cleaning out the apartment and throwing away junk. So much to do . . . The Stromness Baptist Church threw a lunch in our honour today. They prayed for us, showed pictures of our time here, and gave us some money for “diesel to get back to us”. How nice. Thanks everyone.


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  • I trust all goes well! BTW have you sent the Book Crossing books out yet? I hope I haven’t missed a postcard from the postman asking me to collect them.

  • Woo Hoo!!!! Praying for your launch!! I hope our stuff got thrown over board with ease long ago. Sorry again that all that got left to you!!!
    We love you all and are praying for your journey and adventure!!!
    Say hello to all

  • Hey andrew
    joining my little voice to the countless others that I’m sure are praying for your adventure, may God protect you and guide you and still leave you with plenty of excitement

  • If you’re ever in the Frankfurt (Germany) area and need a warm and comfy place to stay and crash, let us know. We have a guest house for you guys.

  • Shiloh is in Edinburgh until tomorrow morning (Friday) She tried to call the numbers you gave her, but they don’t seem to work for her. The number at the Royal Mile Backpackers is +44 (0)131 558 9900 Perhaps you could call, leave a message at the desk as to whether your schedules are going to match up.
    Hope all is well, and you get on the road safely.

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