Update on our family and truck

Really really busy here. We leave in a week’s time and are clearing out our house as well as fixing the truck that will be our new home as we travel the world. Here’s some images from last week.


Me grinding the floor of the truck. We laid more plywood yesterday. Don’t I look like a movie star? Who is it? Wait . . .


Oh yeah. Derek Zoolander.


We will give our cat Bubbles to a friend down the road. She has been a great cat. We will miss her. So what are YOU giving up for Lent? [just kidding]


Our Masquerade party went well last week. Here are the kids.


Hannah and I had a good time at the Masquerade.

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Debbie flew in a tiny plane for a ladies weekend to the island of North Ronaldsay, famous for their seaweed eating sheep.


There goes one of those sheep now . . .

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Tallest land-based lighthouse in the British Isles.


Tamara got her first professional haircut last week.


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  • brad says:

    great photos TSK and fam! (and friends and cat!)
    say, do you suppose D.Z. got his name from getting tongue-tied in trying to say new ZEALANDER without a down-under accent and it just didn’t come out right? just a theory i’m working on …
    lookin’ forward to the on-the-way details of the road trip!

  • juli says:

    hooray! the truck is coming along well it seems…and i’m so glad the girls wore the feather masks i sent! miss you guys!

  • Tyler Schlung says:

    Shiloh leaves Boston tomorrow evening, and arrives in Scotland Sunday evening. Will you still be in town? Please contact her at aleutiangirl@msn.com or 1 617 699 2604, or you can reach her on facebook. She would love to tie in with you guys while she is there if she can.
    You guys have a great adventure !
    Tyler and Cindy

  • Wow… hat’s off and mucho kudos! It was bad enough when we moved all our stuff from North Carolina to Texas, it was pretty overwhelming on the packing and purging…. i can’t imagine purging a house down to a truck… though i think it soooooooo rocks…. I’ll be keeping you guys in prayer – that all the loose ends get tied up or cut loose….. that peace would abound, that finances would flourish … that love would bind hearts closer together, that God would release Angelic Ambassadors to guide and make the way wide with favor… that the oil/gas would go farther than you could have thought or imagined – like the oil in the menorah – Oh, i guess, i just prayed, then AMEN!
    God Speed !!

  • Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!

  • Tyler and Cindy says:

    Thanks so much for touchin’ base with Shiloh. We are excited that you guys get to meet finally
    (as big people):) Let us know when you meet up with her, if you get a chance.

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