Streams, Presences and what to do with icons.

I am in a meeting today in Sheffield with some interesting people: Mark Berry who was just featured on Radio Times, Jonny Baker, Bob and Mary Hopkins. Although we are talking about mission and how to save Europe on a budget [not exactly] the topic moved to blogs. I put in my streams from twitter, facebook, etc last year and they look like this:

Picture 10-4

Jonny redesigned his blog a few weeks ago and it looks really sharp. Jonny has used a lot of borders which no one has done for a while. What I call my “streams”, Jonny calls his (presences)

Picture 8-1

Jonny’s idea to give a one pixel border to his “presences” is rubbing off. It looks like, and this has been the subject of our conversation, that Mark has appropriated [stolen] Jonny’s idea. Mark says he did “steal” the idea but he had to create some of his own icons. They are larger and look pretty cool. They make my little puny “streams” seem old hat so I might need to do a redesign in the near future.

Picture 7-6

Anyone else doing anything interesting with their digital self streams?

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  • At the bottom of my blog pages I have number of “find me” links – using that text but styled to resemble the site they relate to. I’m not sure if it is a great idea though; more a conceit (albeit hidden because my single column design keeps them at the bottom). Square icons based on the sites in question are probably more immediately recognisable.

  • For quite a long time now, I have had to scroll down a long way on your blog to see the most recent post. I think the problem is that the posts appear below – rather than to the side of – the left sidebar. That’s the one with the life streams at the top. It may be that the way you have arranged them has made the sidebar a tad too wide for the screen. I’m viewing in internet explorer. When viewed in firefox it’s fine.

  • david that really shouldnt happen. thanks for telling me. i use mac and firefox so i will also check it on a pc
    if it doesnt fix i will do a redesign and steal jonny’s ideas.

  • I have a Twitter roll. sorta like a blog roll but has Twitter sites. then I click on the Twitter roll and visit the blog url on the Twitter site at the same time.

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