Obama and the Internet

Plenty of Barack Obama parties today, even here in London where I am blogging from. And plenty of Obama inauguration blog posts. What sticks out to me today is the place of the internet in that election. Two quotes:

“Barack Obama’s election was historic not just politically – his use of the the Internet to promote awareness and create a loyal following will be the template which all future presidential campaigns will draw inspiration from.”

Barack Obama’s Ultimate Guide to Marketing: How he Used Internet and Social Media to Become President-Elect

Obama Seo Can Happen

“The Internet played a disruptive role in the 2008 election in the same way television played a disruptive role in the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy to president. Neither medium was new in the respective elections, but both “came of age” and swung the election towards the winning candidate.”

The Internet As A Force In Politics: “Obama Would Not Have Won Without The Internet”

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