PIGS: The Other Foundations Conference

Mark Petersen“Our philanthropy must be self-sacrificial, other-centred, and generously cooperative in contributing to a society in need . . . It’s all about giving it away to remind our society of the love the Father has for our world.”

Mark Petersen, Bridgeway Foundation (Canada), blogging from PIGS.

Sean Stannard-Stockton of Tactical Philanthropy has asked me for a blog post on the Professionals in Grantmaking Society event in Florida. Sounds good to me. I am not at the PIGS meeting [I am not in DC either] but a good number of my friends are there in Florida right now.

There are actually two important philanthropic meetings going on simultaneously in USA and I would not be a conscientous blogger if I did not mention the OTHER one. You know about the Council of Foundations because its a GINORMOUS TEEMING MASS of 3000 participants and because it is being well blogged, thanks to Sean and his team of philanthropists with keyboards. Thanks goodness. Some of us are out of the country and need to hear what’s going on.

But the other gathering is in Florida, a smaller, more intimate event, where a number of faith-based Foundation leaders have gathered for their annual Professionals In Grantmaking Sociey (PIGS) event.

Bridgeway’s Mark Petersen is blogging from the PIGS event at Open Hands and just posted his throughts on “Slow Cooker Philanthropy”. His Foundation recently helped an Emerging worship course launch in New Brunswick.

Philanthropist and blogger Mark Priddy is there but he is not talking. Yet.

{update} My good friend Lee Behar has updated his blog with his thoughts on the PIGS event.


TSK: Emerging Philanthropy and more Emerging Philanthropy, and How to Ask Foundations for Money

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