Know How 2 Go – The Commercials

Remember those commercials that my daughter Abigail went to Prague to shoot? They are about to hit American TV and the website is already up. has the little videos with Abigail in it. [Mum] Watch out for the redhead and the little voice on the main commercial saying “Sign me up!” The larger website has helpful information on how to stay in school and get to College – which is the point of this pro-bono commercial.

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Abigail in the “Biology” video.

My brother-in-law Eric Cosper has just turned up here in Orkney with his lovely wife Jenny. All the way from New York. Eric wrote this commercial which is one of the reasons why Abigail was invited to audition. Eric has been doing ads for American TV for a decade. Check out his recent stuff here. And he has just started a blog. He asked what he could do to help while here – ie, painting the Sorting Room . . and we suggested he helps us out in the creative area . . . like . . . make something up . .. DUDE!

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