The Aussies were right . . .

Grassroots Festival going really well. Great to be with old friends from Perth and east coast and some new friends from NZ and all over. I did a storytelling session this morning with the title “The Aussies Were Right: They bloody well DID start the emerging church movement”. This was an exploration into the Aussie contribution towards emerging-missional thinking, beginning with Alan Tippet, John Smith, Tom and Christine Sine (Christine is an Aussie and both she and Tom are here with us at the event) and up into the present time.

The paper on Alan Tippett I referenced is here: [A Post-colonial missiology, by Colin Dundon, PDF]
Mike Frost was keynote yesterday (excellent as usual) and Sally Morgenthaler did really well this morning. Say a little prayer for me when i speak at 7:30pm tonight.


Who’s blogging the conference?

Not me, since I am too busy yapping.

Not Backyard Missionary (right) because, since becoming National Director for FORGE and therefore the primary person behind this festival, poor Hamo is a little busy. I think Duncan Macleod (centre) the Pacific Highlander is the best bet so far if you want to track what is going on here at Grassroots.

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