Grassroots Reflections

Grassroots Mission Festival – Well balanced program. Good speakers and speakers who were good people. Enjoyed the late night sessions at the local. Interesting for me to see the mix of people here, ethnically speaking, and to see how that affects the church emerging in Melbourne.

Photos are here on the Life Expedition site – this is the church that hosted the event with FORGE. Its a student based church with over 60% of its people from Asia – lots of mainland Chinese. I had a coffee with Tim, the pastor.


Thats Tim on the left with Steve from Queensland. We were chatting about curious mix of conservative non-drinking achievement-oriented Asian Australians with the laid-back Ocker white Aussies and how good and pleasant it is for these two groups to come together in unity, forming a unique blend and perhaps a view to the future

Good response, I felt, to my keynote on Saturday night. Thanks everyone for a nice reception and encouraging words. Look forward to meeting again. We have a lot of ground to cover. John O’Donohue’s blessing is here.


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