London to Dubai to Melbourne

Had a good coffee meeting with some people in London including Jonny and Jenny Baker, Shannon Hopkins and a family from Winston-Salem. Now I am about to endure great boredom on the London to Dubai and then the Dubai to Melbourne flights. I am flying Emirates because they had the cheapest flight. I haven’t flown them since 1985.

What am i reading? I am reading “Kingdom Come”, which is a compilation of the speeches from the WCC missions gathering in Melbourne back in 1980. And if that gets too boring, i might watch a movie.

OK – maybe a few movies.


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  • be blessed dude…. things are moving fast here too… so…….
    just that the person who was gonna drive the truck to texas bailed! OUT! today….
    sooo if you would be so kind during your boring flight to fire up some prayer cover over us… since your up in the atmosphere anyways!
    i’m feeling a bit shattered and knackered today.
    love ya

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