The Blogging Church, by Brian Bailey

Book Review – The Blogging Church: Sharing the Story of Your Church Through Blogs, by Brian Bailey with Terry Storch

CoverIts a book for big church pastors to encourage them to blog. Leadership Network was behind it and the voices of Andy Stanley, Mark Driscoll and others are the prominent ones encouraging pastors to increase the impact of their ministry through blogging. The suggestion is good. The book itself is OK. Brian reports that many people have started blogs because of this book. But its not a GREAT book. In fact, I didn’t really like it, and I was one of the contributors. My little piece comes at the end of the book along with some other bloggers like Guy Kawasaki and David Weinberger and David Winer.

Hello? . . . Did you say Guy Kawa-bloody-Saki?????

Yes I did and thats the big BO-BO of the book – Guy K and the David W’s are GURUS in the field of new media and should be at the FRONT of the book, not tacked on as endnotes to the blogging pontifications of big church pastors who may not even know their CSS from their RSS . . and probably don’t. The other thing is that there really is a blogging church, described best by Tim Bednar in “We Know More Than Our Pastors” but it has more to do with bloggers aggregating online than with turning up to a large church to hear the pastor, whether he blogs or not.

Having said that, The Blogging Church is a well written book that is helpful and informative for church websites as well as blogs. And the encouragement to pastors and leaders to blog more is commendable.

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