Dropouts the Video.

Bob from Family Room Media sent me a cool video called Dropouts but it got lost inside our house before i got to see all of it. I was hoping to review it here and probably will later on but Bob tells me you can view it online.

Anyone else seen it?


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • bea says:

    started watching it today – there’s some interesting stuff in it, particularly liked the breadth of example dropouts chosen. however, the presentation certainly isn’t marketed with someone like me in mind!
    i’d be interested to know who it has been produced for…

  • Lyn says:

    My husband and I watched this today, and really felt ministered to by the video. My hubby is a pastor and we are at the verge of stepping out of ministry, therefore it was good to listen to other pastors who have stepped out. It’s a good resource for those on the edge of stepping out of church, will make them see they are not on their own. Interestingly though, after watching the video I did look up on the net some of the guys who were interviewed. They all seem to be interlinked with one another, in terms of new ministry ventures etc. Not saying that’s a bad thing. The preview for part 2 looked good. Bea, when you talk about it not being presented for you what do you mean? It does seem to be aimed at middle class america.

  • I watched the video a couple of days o.k. and enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing the other parts. I am know the Family Room Media guys from the net and they seem like great guys to me.

  • bea says:

    in response to lyn:
    i’m late 20s, middle class british but also slightly weird (other people’s description of me which i tend to agree with!)
    several of our friend’s have left church and are stuck in a state of deconstructing everything, without going on to putting things back together. we left a large (1900 people) church last June and now go to a tiny house church (8 adults, 7 kids).
    i found the presentation of the video very ‘unreal’ and artifical. it was often quite staged but also trying very hard to have a modern, edgy look to it. i was obviously aware it was american so perhaps it’s a case of cultural difference too. i did like the relaxed interview settings and as i said previously i thought the content was generally good.
    i was interested to learn that those involved seem to be linked up in some way! that contradicts my previous comment about the ‘breadth of dropouts chosen’ because it means there’s a big window for bias and propaganda!
    i’m glad, though, that it met you where you are at – if it meets people and brings hope, it is surely being blessed by God and used for His purposes.

  • Lyn says:

    Bea, I think we are all weird in our own way – who says what is weird anyway? My husband and I really don’t fit in our church – our thinking is quite different! I see what you are saying in regards to the video. I’m sure they are all great guys.

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