Listening to Larry and Barry

Debbie and I had dinner with some friends last night. Les and Fiona Cowan have a great retro Christian record album including the full range of Larry Norman and a few Randy Stonehill and Barry McGuire records. Cool! I heard Barry when i was 11 years old and got to meet him a few years back in San Francisco.

Never met Larry. And I almost met Randy.


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  • I know you got a little annoyed when I mentioned spending an hour with Randy previously, so it would probably be wrong for me to mention the great photo I had taken with Larry when we met some years ago.
    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never met Barry.

  • sipping whiskey from a paper cup… drown your sorrows till ya can’t stand up…. take a look at what ya dun to yourself … why don’t ya check in to Jesus he’s got the answers….
    hmmmmm i think that was the first Norman song i ever heard… and it was 1979!!!!!!
    ok i’m showing my age…..
    Andrew glad your feeling better….. you sounded aweful …….. xoxo K8

  • Hey met Tim Condor last night at Wake Forest Div.. emergent shin dig Very sweet spirit… got to talk for a while with him…. he’s a stones throw from us!!!
    xox K8

  • Larry Norman turns 60 on April 20th!
    He’s having a concert and party in Salem, Oregon. To get tickets, and find out more about this guy:
    I wish I did not live so far (Ottawa, Canada)! Larry actually came to our lovely town several years ago for a fun concert.
    Larry: Happy Birthday, and may God continue to use you in our lives…

  • I have met Larry twice. Both in the early 90’s. He played at my bible School and then at another church. The second time me and a few other people went out for pizza with him! I sat right next to him – we chatted for a long time about his love of G.K. Chesterton.
    Nice guy – too bad he’s been so ill recently.

  • Okay so I have a question or two (they are totally random, but I needed to ask):
    Is it actually considered wrong to baptize a baby? I have this friend who grew up in the Catholic church, but doesn’t agree with a lot of their ways, so she comes to our church, but she does truly want to baptize her younger children.
    Another question is can I baptize someone if I’m not a pastor?

  • Hi Andrew – glad you liked the music and hope the holiday goes well. Any more firming up of summer holiday plans [Sorry to post on the site rather than personal]

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