Nintendo Wii: Remote Control for Ableton

DJVicar brings up the possibility of using Nintento’s Wii remote and Ableton Live for a worship setting and links to a post that discusses it. There is also a video demonstration. Very cool. I saw a VJ use Arkaos and Ableton Live at the same time, but he still had to use his MIDI to run it all. Remote control would rock!.

CloudbursttimDJ Cloudburst [Hi Tim!!] used a Gameboy at one of our worship events in Prague (2002). Once I bought Salling Clicker so I could trigger Powerpoint or Keynote slides from my bluetooth phone. But I never really used Powerpoint [yes, i know, the devil uses powerpoint] prefering to use Arkaos for teaching and presentation instead. I wonder: Is there a way to use Nintendo Wii to trigger videos in Arkaos or a similar VJ program? Anyone know?

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Bill says:

    Please pardon the ignorance of this modernist babyboomer. Given the fact that the music part of our weekly worship gathering sucks, I have been contemplating using an iPod instead of a worship team. Now my kid got a video ipod for Chirtmas and I am thinking . . . could an video iPod be an all in one solution for portable worship media? I know you can interface a video iPod with a TV or LCD projector. Is there software that would let you run a slide show for the iPod? Anyone with experience in this? Demo links would be helpful.

  • Dj Vicar says:

    Im sure there will be a way fo working the WIi with arkaos! I havent tried it myself yet! (but plan to) I think but i think its thrird party software that causes the wii to work with ableton. So it should be the same needed for arkaos. If someone hasnt produced the software yet then they will.
    RE: ipod check the for software for slides but i think the ipod may include a basic slide function.

  • Hey there Andrew. My name is Phil, I work in Seattle with a non profit called YWAM. I am starting to run some prayer nights on injustice issues and am looking for some vj software to run visuals on (pictures and video) as well as put text on with nice background graffics. I can’t afford Motion 2, but I have tried Arkaos a bit. Any recomendations from you? My mate Dave Laird, who you man know sent me over to you.

  • andrew jones says:

    hi phil
    if you go for Arkaos, which i recommend esp. if you are MAC, then you might get some tips from Karen Ward and the team at COTA in Seattle – they use Arkaos also.
    i think having access to people with the same kit who are ahead of you is always a good way to catch up.

  • nic paton says:

    Its me again; I am using ableton and Motion Dive Tokyo for avj work, have a look at my rig write up here :
    One word of advice if you are planning to VJ in the desert, get one of those PC condoms to keep out the dust. Afrika Burns was a blast but my technology is very ruined by the experience!

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  • psp emulator says:

    Wow this is really cool.
    Lets hope electronic music live perfomances continue to become more interactive with new developments in technology.
    I’d like to see someone play live with the wiimote.

  • Sudoku says:

    People can be so inventive with the Wiimote. Really cool.

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