Global Learning Trail meeting in Houston

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As you know, Debbie (my wife) spent last week in Houston discussing the potential for pilgrimage and a quasi-monastic-global-learning-trail-pilgrimage-type-thing for the missional/emerging church. She is not much of a blogger and has not written down her experiences but you can check out Mark Berry’s post and photos.

Other participants dont seem to have got around to blogging it yet. Shannon might soon. Probably not Brad Sargent. Maybe the Germans will come through on the blogging side.

[update] Bjoern has some thoughts here

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  • brad says:

    on never knows … brad may yet blog …
    however, first, he has to type up 30+ pages of notes from five days of meetings for the group’s archives! (then may blog my experiences, what flattens the structures of post-pomo organizational systems, yadda-yadda.
    there, that was a mini-post from a max-post, posing as a comment!
    anyway, i felt it was very important to capture history in the making, for when the academicians decide to start inviting more missional practitioners to the table instead of just scratching about them on the whiteboard.
    oops. another mini-post-op … better end before i post, therefore i am now post-posting

  • a post-post-thankyou for your post-post-comment. about time you cranked up your blog again.

  • brad says:

    the past two years have been exhausting, and my writing has slowed down to ’bout 20-50 pages a year instead of the usual. perhaps i’ll be able to post a blog clog on my site once i get all the notes done. have some intriguing thots dancing in my head (not texas two-step, unfortunately. or fortunately?) about what paradigm matters make it so that this ‘postmodern network’ may be able to resist hierarchicalizing and institutionalizing. i suspect there are supporting reasons that go from deepest levels of paradigm and theological, to mid-level of operating system values and infrastructures, to surface-level of behaviors. okay, so there’s my outline. go thou now and write! (should be fun…)

  • You guys are just crazy. But it’s fun to read the relationship between you between the lines.
    Speaking of in betweens: I started a series of “Houston Reflections” on my english blog. They are certainly not as sophisticated as I expect Brad’s Notes to be (when will you unleash those daring, enabling and resisting words, Brad?), but it might be at least one perspective on the whole thing.
    Greetings to Debbie, I very much enjoyed her style of gathering notes and artisticaly jotting words on the papers! Plain good fun!

  • brad says:

    if i crank up my blog, my blog may get cranky.
    now that bjoern’s in, we have a trialogue – hoorah!
    haven’t gotten farther on The Notes, but have been working on The Story of how this group providentially assembled, and how who we are is embedded throughout what we’ve done/what we do. we are an intriguing story! maybe back to The Notes by the weekend and then will work on my take on the events.
    hope you have a great time at the convo, andrew.

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