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Following on from their great series on the emerging church some months ago, Dallas Theological Seminary tackled the idea of “Turning Theology Inside Out: Missio Dei”. [HT: Matt Glock] Dr Mark Young has some blog-worthy thoughts [Podcast 1, 2, 3] that will have Reformation fans tip-toeing through the Tulips.

Tell you what’s cool. I hear American church leaders and professors going on and on about being missional – missional this and missional that – but they very rarely invite seasoned missionaries to come and offer their advice on what it actually means to bring insights from the mission field into the local scene and so they end up rehashing their old ideas with new vocab. Not so this time with Dr Young who has been overseas for two decades. I have never met Mark but a few years ago I gave a lecture on emerging church at the Evangelical School of Theology he founded in Wroclaw, Poland.

I am just listening to the series right now and might have some thoughts later. This Saturday I am teaching something similar called “The Skinny on Being Missional” at Fusion National Conference in Oxford.

And no, that Blues Brothers image is from me, not the Seminary. Although once i walked into my old pastor Charles Swindoll’s office at DTS and saw a very cool Terminator-type poster with Swindoll in his leather jacket. It was called “The Serminator”. Oh yeah – another coincidence. Charles Swindoll is now Mark Young’s pastor at Stonebriar Community Church.

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