Lausanne Young Leaders


The Lausanne Younger Leaders Meeting in Port Dickson, Malaysia seemed to go well. Lots of younger people went – over 500 from 110 countries. There were reports at Christian Today and Christianity Today and you can check out the offical LYG blog to find some more participants.

Some of them blogged:

Life in colour

Getting bloggy with fish

Sivin Kit who didnt have far to go.

Dwight Friesen had a good honest report.

I didn’t go to YLG 2006 but I was present in 2001 at the same place – Port Dickson – for the Great Commission Roundtable which was a large gathering organized by Lausanne, WEF and AD2000. In fact, Donny from Indonesia and myself (non-western and western emerging leaders) were asked to address the were the larger missions conference and share our thoughts which was an honor for both of us.

This time around, they capped off the age limit to 35 this year but i did get an invite to go and be an old guy there. Glad it went well.

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