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0529123460-1That chapter I was writing for a new Bible commentary has been released. Its called The Dust Off Their Feet: Transitioning the Church to Conform to His Will Then/ Now and it’s a commentary on Acts written by a number of emerging church practitioners. My piece is on Acts 10-13 from a missiologist’s standpoint, and as one interested in the crossing of the gospel into new cultures.

Chris-2Chris Seay, a good friend of mine who is the main dude behind this project, has just got himself a cool video blog called The Voice. It’s flash-based so its not going to do well in Google searches and the blind URL makes it really hard to link to pages beyond the front page. But I really like it. Why?

– its simple.

– its minimal.

– its NOT videos of his sermons but real life stuff.

– its Chris’s style and by that i mean Chris doesn’t like blogging and doesn’t like emails. He is not a text person but he IS a voice person. He loves phone calls and talking and doesn’t mind a camera in front of him. A video blog makes total sense for Chris and I just love it when people and technology come together.

Chris’s church in Houston is called Ecclesia. We used his church for the Doxology event last year.

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    djchuang says:

    Chris’ video blogs exude a great personal voice, indeed; and while his personal preference may not be text-based, he sure is 10x more published than any other first-time author with likings for writing in text format. Or, is that a whisper I hear from some ghost writer for those books bearing his name? 🙂

  • Thoughts says:

    Chris Seay

    I just read about a new project Chris Seay is involved in and wanted to post the link to Tall Skinny Kiwi Blog to read more about it. This looks like a great project and it does not hurt that

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