A World Without Walls

“The walls of a classroom become redundant because students are able to access real-time, any-time learning.”

Greg Whitby on SMH comments on a new 24-hour Catholic school proposed for Australia.

I was thinking this morning about churches without walls and this article grabbed my attention. I would say much of what we are doing now or attempting to do – church without walls, monastery without walls, seminary without walls, is similar. One day, we will be able to describe all this without so much fumbling around.

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  • This is an interesting concept. Although I think it will take a significantly self-motivated individual to do it well without having the physical support of being with a teacher and other pupils. Do you think the same could ever be said for a church without walls?

  • It would be good for us all to approach our world, our life, as though it were without walls. We wall off secular from religious, education from entertainment, work from home, moral from amoral (leading to immoral). God intends that we pray without ceasing, always depending on Him, and living in the reality that He is always there, teaching, desiring that we increase our faith, and willing that we would grow more into the image of the Son. The more we wall off and compartmentalize our lives the more we are tempted to live lives that do not have integrity. We also miss out on so many educational and discipleship opportunities.

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