Family Update: school holidays and foster kitten

This is our family yesterday.


School holidays starts today and the house is NOISY with our kids and their friends.

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Brian and Whitney Standerfer (who is VERY pregnant) and their two boys, have moved to Aberdeen for 2 weeks where Whitney can give birth. They have successfully lived with our family for 6 months while keeping their sanity. When they return to Orkney with their new baby, they will move into a house a few doors down and will take their place in this community. Whitney’s dad is a student at Dallas Theological Seminary – we are hoping he can do some Bible teaching with us when he visits.


Brian has helped lift the level of brewing in our community to a new level. After our families went out picking heather flowers, Brian and I mashed up a wicked heather ale and its still on its first fermentation. Its a hoppy ale with huge heather floral notes. Not many people in the world make heather ale anymore but it was popular among the monasteries in UK many years ago. In our cellar we now how have gooseberry wine, mead (from honey), dark ale, Christmas ale and now our monastic heather ale.

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We are fostering a 2 week old kitten with a moustache. The ladies at the shelter named it Charlie Chaplin. It needs to be fed every few hours so the kids are busy.

Caroline flew out this morning after a few weeks with us to round off her international pilgrimage. We made space for her in the attic. I will probably see her next month in Houston.


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